FieldSherpa – Solution For Moving Companies

Moving is stressful. Packing is stressful. When moving a few blocks, across town, or several states away, coordination is crucial. When will the movers and packers arrive? When will they leave? What time will they arrive at the new house?

With FieldSherpa, mobile field scheduling software, Moving Companies can leverage the power of text messages to stay in contact with clients during all crucial stages of the moving process. A text/SMS message can be sent when the truck leaves the warehouse, when it arrives at the home. When packing and loading is complete, another message is sent.

For long haul, cross state or country moves, text/SMS messages can be sent, with updates and estimated arrival times as the travel conditions change. In addition to the messaging capabilites, clients can log on to the client portal and check for updates as the day progresses.

Clients feel better knowing how the moving day is progressing. They feel less nervous about lost belongings and traffic delays. Knowing also allows busy clients to use their time wisely, be it shopping for cleaning products, new fixtures or arranging for utility workers to be in and out of the new house, before the movers arrive.

Many busy professionals, end up leaving one home for another, pending home sales or apartment leases terminations. Sometimes families split up, during the relocation process. In some cases the movers are headed out of town, before all members of the family. Moving Companies who use FieldSherpa’s mobile field scheduling software, offer clients piece of mind and smooth, easy communications options.

Mobile Field Scheduling Software, like FieldSherpa, also keeps records, which are stored online and can be searched and reviewed for a variety of business purposes. Streamlined administration and easy data searches, makes investing in in mobile field scheduling software a wise business investment across the entire enterprise.

Mobile Field Service Software adds value and makes managing the day to day scheduling and client communications seamless and professional. Customers and employees appreciate the ability to communicate with each other and the home office. Less filing and easily located records, make adopting mobile field service software a winning strategy.

ERP/SCM And FieldSherpa Integration And Workflow

Most ERP/SCM software can track products in house or at the warehouse, but when they leave, it is more of a guess. Integrating FieldSherpa into your ERP/SCM system will extend the time and place knowledge from your door to the customer’s door.

FieldSherpa will plan optimal delivery routes, communicate routes and other dispatch information to the drivers and other field employees, monitor the delivery progress in real time, capture proof of delivery, and synthesize and provide actionable reports and other data driven reports.

All members of the team benefit from this level of knowledge. Field sales people, can provide high level information to clients, no longer dependent on the home office to answer specific questions. Delivery drivers have client information, dispatch directions and routes, all in the palm of their hands. Managers have to tools to analyze past performance and current statuses, which makes decision making more precise and data driven, no more guessing or inferring.

ERP/SCM software has made inventory management more precise, but the limitation is, all data is post delivery. Supply chain efficiency is achieved, but the data may not be impactful to the delivery process. Collecting data and streamlining the delivery process with FieldSherpa will make businesses leaner and more competitive. Consistent improvement depends on consistent and clear data collection.

Training and coaching is often the means to continued efficiency. The better the data collection, the better and leaner the processes can be made, meaning more precise and clear training and coaching must be designed. Cleaner, clearer data collection and analysis is a costs savings driver. As are more precise routes and better route planning. Delivery drivers consistently say, optimizing the routes and having the ability to adjust to traffic conditions are the most important ways they remain efficient.

FieldSherpa can be fully integrated with ERP/SCM software. FieldSherpa was designed to bridge the gap between what businesses’s currently know about their goods and services and what they wish they knew. With Field Sherpa, those dreams are now reality.

Key Advantages To Mobile Field Service Software

There are several advantages of adopting and using mobile field service software. An advantage that is far reaching and frequently sited by mobile field service software adopters, is improved work order managements. Mobile Field Service Software immediately eliminates the need for paper work orders, work order filing systems and central filing space, clipboards for field workers. This radical change for many businesses, means increased productivity, tighter communications among service providers and managers, and the ability to provide the most up to date information to technicians, customers and managers. Cost savings related to this advantage area begin to appear very early, with increased productivity and a reduction in material costs, such as filing space, paper costs and printing costs.

Another distinct advantage of Mobile Field Service Software is in the area of data collection and analysis. Managers can spot trends, positive and negative sooner and therefore respond very quickly, with increased field training and support, problem identification and resolution, and with timely recognition for superior field performance. Mobile Filed Service Software is designed to provide information and analysis at set intervals. The more information managers and supervisors have at hand, the better their decisions become. There is less guess work and more facts to work with when setting service standards and expectations.

Customers increasingly weight access to information very high when selecting a service provider. No one likes not knowing when or if a service provider, contractor or delivery is going to arrive. Many projects rely on the coordination of several service providers, in order to effectively manage these service chains and remain within budget, customers are demanding access to information. Mobile Field Service Software makes this information sharing possible and reliable. No more “I think so” or “We should be there within the hour.” The more precise and accurate the information provided to customers is, the more likely the customer will view the service provider as an expert and trusted partner.

Implementation of Mobile Field Service Software is a win-win for all levels of an organization and the advantages to the implementation pay dividends across the board and generally within weeks of implementation. Mobile Field Service Software leverages time, information, data collections and in the end money.

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Advantages of Fleet Tracking Systems In Today’s World

During the height of the Cold War, both the USSR and the USA were racing to create a global positioning system, using strategically placed satellites. For decades, GPS was the brainchild and poster child for modern military planning and strategy.

Today, GPS has so many features, which the general population is enjoying. Personal cars and even phones have GPS capabilities, making navigating cities and points of interest very easy and accessible. The popular onboard assistants like OnStar have made car travel safer and inspired feelings of security in much of the driving public. With the touch of a button, help or information is just seconds away for service subscribers. Stolen cars can be tracked using their onboard GPS features.

With all of these advances and possibilities that GPS provides, Fleet Tracking is the next logical step for many companies. For logistical companies and other companies managing a fleet is a major cost center. Not only is each vehicle a significant investment, the time the vehicle is in use is either a major cost center or a possible revenue driver. The trick is proper fleet management and tracking.

There are several short term and long term advantages in investing in a fleet tracking system:

1. Reduce fuel costs by planning and ensuring “best routes” are followed when out on service calls and deliveries. Fleet tracking can help with route planning in the moment by suggesting routes with less traffic, thereby less idle time eating into fuel supply. Fleet tracking can also create a body of data, to use when planning routes or making changes. If there are times when traffic is particularly bad, avoiding deliveries to that area at peak traffic times can impact the bottom line. Fleet tracking data can be used when setting appointments time, creating appointment intervals or windows based actual past performance.

2. Fleet tracking can be used to ensure employee compliance with speed limits, company policies and fleet utilization. If company policy prohibits unauthorized use of company fleet vehicles, fleet tracking can help ensure compliance. It is less about being big brother and more about having accurate data to make accurate assessments about fleet management.

3. In almost all cases investment and maintenance of the fleet is a significant expense. Insurance costs are a huge part of the ongoing cost to maintain a fleet of vehicles. Many Insurance companies look favorably or offer favorable rate packages to companies who have fleet tracking capabilities. Fleet tracking can provide information about how drivers drive, where vehicles are parked, when they are driven and when they aren’t driven. Furthermore, in the event a vehicle is stolen or driven by an unauthorized driver or at an unauthorized time, fleet tracking systems can pinpoint the location of the missing vehicle or provide real data about the unauthorized occurrence, allowing the decision makers to take decisive action and hold appropriate parties accountable.

GPS and data collection and analysis make Fleet Tracking Systems an invaluable tool for businesses.